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I'm not a blogger and with things like instagram and chatbooks, I'm just not interested in making blog posts anymore. And I'm pretty sure no one reads this anyway but just in case one day I get the crazy feeling to print my blog out, I'll have more than 2 interesting posts to read.

A little update on the boys.

Oak is my lover boy. He has such a tender loving heart and loves people, animals and things with passion. Animals are his weakness, especially dogs. He's partly vegetarian (all his own choosing) because he doesn't like the fact that animals die. I think it's hilarious and adorable. He loves to cuddle me and show me love. I co-slept with him from the time he was born and I'd do it still if Strat let me. I still occasionally get to. Oak loves babies and still wants a baby sister so badly. He is such a natural holding and rocking babies. Sometimes when Milo was fussy we'd give him to Oak and he'd calm right down. Not only do they have a sweet brotherly connection but Oak just knows how to do it!
But with that sweet and kind side also comes a fiery side to him as well. If he has his mind set on something, he has to see it through and it drives him crazy if he can't. He's very independent and knows what he wants. He doesn't like being told he can't do something. I actually think all these things can be good things, he just has to figure out how to accept failure, or a "no" answer, a little better and not want to punch a hole through a wall (not that he's tried...yet).
I have a feeling that Oak will be more of an artist than a sports guy. That's where he naturally seems interested and I constantly find him drawing in all my notepads and on any scrap piece he can find. His imagination blows me away sometimes. Maybe all minds are like his at 6 years old but I like to think that he's pretty amazing. He loves to create and see his ideas through. Minecraft is quite the obsession with him lately but he uses it for creativity more than play and I love that he can express himself through it. It's been really good for him.
He starts 1st grade in a month and he'll be doing the dual immersion Portuguese. I can't wait to see how he'll do and how far he'll go with it. Hopefully he won't be such a social butterfly in class and pay attention. He's a great reader and gets better with every book. He doesn't like doing math. His best friend is Bryton H. and his first crush was on a girl in his class named Flora. MY HEART ALMOST BURST WHEN HE FIRST TOLD ME. Heart emojis were just flying out of my head. And her name is Flora. Could it be any cuter?! He told me he thought she was pretty and she talks about Minecraft with him. So naturally, she's the one.
We love this boy like crazy.

Milo is one feisty 1 year old. Holy moly. I'm hoping his personality right now doesn't reflect what it will be like in the future or I'm in for it big time. He screams still. He screamed until he was about 6 months old and then finally took a much needed break for a few months. Now he's back at it. This time instead of crying/screaming it's mostly just screaming. If I'm not feeding him fast enough, he screams. If I have to change his diaper, he screams. If he's already eaten an entire banana, sandwich, fruit, yogurt and some crackers and I walk away like I'm done feeding him, screams. Put him down so I can use the bathroom, screams. Won't let him put his fingers in a socket, screams. And now he's into throwing a complete toddler tantrum and will throw himself onto the floor, kicking and screaming and thrashing about. Super fun.
He knows little fear. I'm pretty sure the only things he's ever shown fear to is the hand dryer in a public restroom and my blow dryer. If I put him down to walk he will take off. It doesn't matter where, he just wants to see how far he'll get before I catch him. If he's not right under my feet whining for me to hold him or feed him all day, he'll be off somewhere touching or getting into something he's not supposed to. He does this new thing when I tell him "no touch", he'll look right at me with this big grin and then slowly go to touch it again with his little pointer finger. It's a tricky thing to be angry while also trying to hide your laughter.
My eyes and ears are on him ALL DAY LONG. We don't leave the house much....
Milo and Oak are best friends and worst enemies. This is where most of the screaming comes into play. Oak tries all the time to play with Milo but they just aren't quite there yet. I think the age gap is what makes it difficult. Milo screams at him to say no. Oak will try time after time to do something with Milo but it always ends with screaming. He also HATES it when Oak parents him. I'm constantly separating them.
Milo has given us a run for our money since day 1 but we have these sweet little moments that really keep us going. It's not easy to get him to laugh but when we do it's the sweetest sound! Or when I give him a binky for a nap or bedtime and he puts his head in my neck and hums...that breaks me! He is such a sweetie. He has big blue eyes and a toothy smile to melt you. He's dancing the second music is turned on. He's funny without even trying. He's a curious and adventurous little soul and we love him completely.

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