Step 2: fee and Bluestep


Today we paid our adoption fee which really made it real for me. Like I said, it's been a mixture of emotions for me, usually all at once. But we're happy to get started. We can now officially get the real paperwork done. It's all online and has us answer tons of questions including a lot of random ones like, what our siblings do or what is our favorite car. Everyone always talks about how much paperwork you need to fill out but if it's questions like these I don't think I'll have too hard a time with that.
We also have to take our online classes and get medical and criminal background information completed. Once that's finished I think all we'll have left is our interviews and home study and then we wait to be approved! I'm excited to let people know what's happening. It'll feel like that second pregnancy announcement that I've longed for all this time. And I hate holding such big secrets.
We're halfway there!

Happy 4th Birthday!


Oakie boy! You did it! WE did it! You're alive and well and thriving. I almost didn't think we'd get past the terrific three's without one, or both, of us losing our minds, but we did it! Thank heavens!

You're the greatest thing, Oak. We love you immensely. We are so proud of you. You are so smart, funny, kind, loving, strong willed, feisty, thoughtful and friendly. You will talk to anyone, about anything and everything, for as long as possible. You love babies and children. You are so incredibly sweet with me. You always need a connection with me when you sleep, like touching my face or holding me. You're definitely a lover. And as much as I get bothered with you still sleeping in our bed every now and then, I need that connection with you too. You are my son, my first born! You made me a mother! Thanks for choosing us as your parents.

Today we woke up and opened a ninja turtle present and got ready. We went to the mall for pretzels and your very first Nintendo 2DS! What a lucky boy! We watched you play in the play area and you loved it. Then we went to the fun park where you played in the jungle gym for the longest time. You were so sweaty and happy. After that we played arcade games where we won lots of tickets and got lots of little prizes! Next we went to our friend and neighbor's house for dinner and games and you got to play with your buddy Boston. Again, so sweaty and happy. (And they sang happy birthday with a cake and candles!)  Finally, we went to Texas roadhouse with grandma and Papa Gerber where you got to open some presents and sit on the saddle! You got ninja turtle bad guys and trucks. You stayed up until after midnight once we got home which shocked me. I thought you would pass out from all the fun from today.

Tomorrow we have another turtle present that we didn't have time for and your birthday cake with family! I can't believe my baby is 4! I love you so much, bub. Forever and ever.

**in the car you said that when you turn five, you can finally chew gum, "huh mom?"

3 was the year for ninja turtles, especially Donatello, long hair, books and books and books, Jack Frost movie (rise of the guardians), big boy booster car seat, learning to swim and ride a bike with training wheels, and learning to write your name! We're excited to see what 4 has in store.