Step 1: basic paperwork


The very first leg of the adoption process is complete! We had to fill out a few quick and basic papers like our names, address, health insurance, references. Then we had to have our Bishop fill out a couple sheets of information regarding our social and financial standing, from his perspective. Once he mailed that in we get to move forward but we were worried he wasn't going to get it in as soon as we'd liked. But he did it and he deserves a pat on the back, just like the employees said at LDSFS.
For some reason this was a much bigger step for me. I think it made it real for me. We're doing this. We're actually adopting! It's such a strange, sad, yet exciting feeling. I never thought we'd be here under these circumstances. We'd always hoped to adopt later in the future because we just wanted to and felt good about it, but never did it cross our minds that we'd be adopting because of infertility.
Straton and I were happily driving along on our little scenic journey, thinking we knew exactly where we were going, so why need a road map? Why ask for directions?  Even through infertility and questioning, "why is this happening?" or, "where is the destination?" we were still confident we could figure out the way all by ourselves, thank you very much.
Turns out Heavenly Father needed us to do just that. Ask Him for directions. It's a reminder that He is the destination, and He knows the way much better than we do. So why not ask for some guidance?
We're still asking for direction through this bumpy, windy road but we feel happy with where we're headed.
Now we wait for a call from our case worker on step 2 instructions which should be the biggest step in the process.
Getting close!



This vacation was long overdue. Strat and I haven't been on a real vacation since our honeymoon 5 years ago. It was perfect timing and so much fun. Gaylan and Debbie surprised us all (their kids and their spouses) with this trip for Christmas. No kids! Well, except for little 3 month old Owen but his bald head and chubby body is too irresistible to care.

We stayed at hotel Catalonia in Puerto Aventuras which was a beautiful resort. We did too many things to talk about them all but we did go to church with the locals in Playa del Carmen on Sunday and it was awesome. Not too different than here in the states! Although we did have to walk and catch a local bus there. So hot. That was not fun.

Some things we did were: riding bikes around the resort and marina, watching monkeys, dolphins, manatees and the cutest sea Lion I ever did see. I so would have payed the money to kiss his big whisker loving face. We played lots of games, danced, Strat played soccer and ping pong, did archery, went kayaking, went to Tulum, took a ride on a hobie, drank smoothies til the sun went down and ate three course meals, every meal, not including all the snacks and the crepes, oh the crepes, at night. I truly did not experience hunger the entire week.
It was beautiful, fun and so relaxing.