the best morning


Often times Oaklen wakes up early in the morning and crawls in bed with us to sleep a little while longer. Lately he's been waking up when Straton goes to work and promptly comes in to wake me up. It's usually to ask me for dinner (breakfast. He labels every meal as dinner) and he'll whine and complain until he can drag me out of bed.

Yesterday he woke me up and I swear, it was something straight out of a fairytale book. Rainbows and unicorns were flying around my room. It was special, you guys. I woke up to his hands constantly cupping and stroking my face while he repeatedly called me his sweetyheart. "Wake up sweetyheart! Oh sweetyheart, it's time to get up!" And this was also going on while he kissed my forehead and cheeks. After opening and then closing my eyes, he said "oh hunny, I know you want to sleep but that's a problem. Come on, let's go have some dinner". I opened my eyes again, trying so hard not to laugh and he said "there you are, sweetyheart!".
Then he flipped my hand over and started slowly tickling my palm and fingers, just like his daddy does to him. Then he kissed each finger, snuggled me, called me sweetyheart a few more times and then I forced myself out of bed. It was the sweetest moment I think I've had with him yet. I'm telling you, this boy is made to love. He is the sweetest, most caring child. I wish everyone could start their days just like that.

He's a sweetyheart, that little boy.



A few days ago we spent the day out in the sun and getting our front yard together. We ripped out old bushes and plants and planted new flowers, plants and grapes! It'll take a few years before the grapes really take off but we're excited to try them! My neighbor made pure grape juice with no sugars or anything and brought it over for us to try. It was so good and I can't wait to try some of our own.

Oak of course insisted on helping us out in the yard although there wasn't much he was old enough to do. But he picked a few weeds for me and raked the backyard. I'm just glad he finds this stuff fun because I know it won't last long at all. He really enjoyed playing in dad's wheelbarrow of dirt. He was so cute out there in his t shirt, undies and rain boots. Towards the end of the day Straton dug up a hole and found some worms. Of course I couldn't say no to Oak when he asked if he could hold them, even though I really wanted to. He was gentle and so excited to watch them wiggle in his hands. A little while later he found a night crawler and just had to get his hands on this huge thing. I again told him that he had to be gentle and just hold him, which he did. Until I went to the backyard for a few minutes. When I came back around he had the saddest, guiltiest and ashamed face. After asking what was wrong he told me, with tears in his eyes and a quiver to his lip, that he swung the worm around like a helicopter and he "broke into pieces". After explaining to him that it was okay and he needs to only hold them and be gentle, he lost it. He was so sad and wanted him back. I told him that he went to heaven and Harley would take care of him.

The next day on Sunday, guess what he learns about in primary? Being kind to animals. Go figure.

Lesson learned.